Days two and three

Finally, a sunny day! I was site co-ordinator at the market today, and it was very full of  happy vendors and customers. I stocked up on honey, chicken carcasses (mostly to feed to my dog, but also to make chicken stock) and veges from Rattletrack Organic Farm.

I made a big pot of pumpkin and leek soup, with meat stock and rosemary, and that has been a good meal for the past couple of days, with a sausage from a local farm if I want something more substantial.

I also made the brioche today and it is very good (only my oven is very uneven and burnt it on the top a bit). I divided the dough into halves and put one half in the freezer, which means a lot less work next time I want bread.

Since getting back from holiday, I have been waiting for my kefir to ferment a bit, and I’m hoping to have a muesli-and-kefir kind of breakfast tomorrow, with this homemade toasted muesli (in the photograph). The ingredients are spelt/wheat/rye flakes, south lea olive oil, little river bush honey, roasted hazelnuts and dried apple pieces (which I dehydrated the day before).


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