The last days…

The Spring Festival of Change ends this week. We have a picnic lunch tomorrow (hopefully the rain will have cleared) at the Lyttelton Community Garden. Please come if you can!

This last week has been nice, my garden keeps surprising me with abundance and I’ve been really enjoying eating and sharing my home baked bread with garlic and herb butter. Two friends have said it takes delicious to a whole new level.20161012_174547

I found out, thanks to Adam, that the fish n chip shop on Norwich Quay only uses local fish (that’s what it says on the sign there).

I ate chilli con carne (have to admit I used one non-local ingredient: a cinnamon stick) and enjoyed the beautiful scarlet runner beans (I let them dry in the pods on the vine and then dry the purple and black beans further in the sun and use them in chill bean dishes and dips. They are so big and so creamy. The best beans to grow, I reckon.)

I’m starting to relax back into a lazier way of shopping and cooking, and with the weather being so warm, wanting to make smoothies. The Oob organic raspberries are from Chile! So I think even though I will start to buy and eat a few more foreign items (looking forward to brown rice again and maybe some Mexicano corn chips (which only use NZ grown corn)), I’ve learnt many ways to eat local which I can easily continue with.

And a friend has made me a cheese press, so now there’s no excuse not to keep making cheese…20161018_112844.jpg


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  1. Naomi says:

    My MIL couldn’t remember her ricotta recipe sorry! She said it was just the result of a google search. But it was damn good and easy.


  2. Thanks for asking. I tried it again, but no success. The idea is that you heat the whey to a higher heat and therefore more of the solids are drawn out, which is the ricotta. When I do it, even heating it to just off boiling for 10+ minutes, I just end up with tiny particles that don’t result in ricotta 😦


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