Doing it together

It’s been great hearing about how other people are finding their spring challenges. Juliet’s walking around Corsair Bay, Jacqueline’s reducing food waste by planning her meals and shopping more carefully (and reducing her shopping bill too), Sarah’s “manymene” daily smiles.

It helps to keep my enthusiasm going when I know others are having good experiences and contributing to ‘being the change we want to see in the world.’soup

So, the past couple of days I have made chicken liver pate (very delicious, made with Westwood Chickens livers) – I had to alter the recipe as I didn’t have any local wine (though there is Whistling Buoy vineyard in the harbour) and used the apple cider vinegar that Sue-Ellen made in place of wine. I have been eating carrot and beetroot salad (thanks to Rattletrack Organic Farm) with lime juice (from Governor’s bay) and dried apples. I have enjoyed Barry’s Bay cheeses on my homemade crackers, and am currently making a cream of leek and broccoli soup for tonight’s dinner. Oh, and kale chips with south lea olive oil as a great snack



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