It’s the weekend, another beautiful morning for the Lyttelton Farmers Market, and I’m happy that Little Farm Goat’s Cheese is back … and not only with fresh cheeses, but with an aged parmesan-type cheese (yes, they said, 10 months to ripen), which is just what I’ve been wanting.

A couple of interesting food-related events for me today: The first was getting locked out of my house (forgot to take my keys when I went down to the market). So lunch was some of the above-mentioned cheese in a “wrap” made of a large silver beet leaf with rocket, parsley, snow peas and calendula petals. Pretty great!

The second is a “crappy dinner party” I’ve been invited to tonight to farewell some friends who are traveling to Zen Mountain Monastery for 6 weeks. This was the link I was sent in the facebook invitation

So, as I’m doing the local food thing, my contributions are all what I have made over the past week: roast pumpkin, beetroot and carrot and the fresh cheese I made yesterday.

I love the crappy dinner party concept. As I was putting myself forward to host a pot-luck for Christchurch group at our meeting on Thursday, I felt very confident to say “I won’t vacuum” – because the reality is, I never really vacuum because guests are coming. But I do vacuum … more than I used to anyway 🙂

ps. Don’t you love the little bamboo cutlery set my sister Kit bought for me in the USA? You can’t get them here and when I looked into shipping them, it was going to be very expensive, but I’ve never seen anything so wonderful in the camping shops etc. I have it with me in my bag every day and can always say “no thanks” to plastic cutlery, or buy something at the market and be able to picnic to my heart’s content.


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