I haven’t done any cheese-making for some years, and even when I did, my cheese press was a bunch of heavy bricks and rocks which I weighed and then precariously balanced on the cheese to press it. But it worked OK.

Laura gave me some extra milk, and without all the correct supplies and culture, I went ahead and made a simple fresh cheese which is separated by using vinegar (lemon juice works too). It’s always amazing how little curd you get (and how much whey), but I think the end result will be worth it, and my dog will enjoy the whey.

My favourite cheese is parmesan, which I imagine isn’t the easiest to make … and takes at least 10 months to ripen. My recipe states the temperature (12 degrees) and humidity it needs to be at for those 10 months – how do you achieve that?

So, you see how home cheese-making isn’t something everyone takes on. But you can make a nice feta, plenty of yummy fresh cheese recipes (nice with herbs mixed through) and even a pretty good halloumi without too much stress. And maybe leave the brie, parmesan and stilton to the experts.



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  1. Naomi says:

    Ricotta is good cheese to make with whey. That way you get more from your efforts.

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    1. I tried this once, following the recipe in “Home Cheese Making” but didn’t have much success. Do you want to share your recipe?

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      1. Naomi says:

        I’ll ask my MIL. She made it successfully a lot. One moment caller…


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