Why did the lettuce blush?

I’m baking bread and making chicken stock again today (good rainy Sunday activities). I split the bread dough (this one is an oat and maple recipe I’ve liked before, and I’m substituting honey for maple syrup) into three portions and froze two of them, so that should give me bread for a while without all the rising and kneading time.

I’m planning to make the Moosewood “Apple honey custard pie” tonight with homemade pastry, apples from Grown (at the market, from Sefton), honey from Sheehan Apiaries (at the market, from Leeston), eggs from Annie’s (at the market, based in Staveley) and kefir made with Laura’s milk.

I was wondering how I would get by without my usual vinaigrette. In fact, I’ve been slightly avoiding eating salads out of worry that they wouldn’t be as delicious as usual. So, I am happy to report that I made a really nice salad for lunch with greens, herbs and flowers from the garden and a dressing of lime juice, honey and olive oil.

I was working in the Harbour Co-Op recently when I guy came in and bought a few things. He wanted lemongrass, because he was making a lime cordial. He said he had heaps of limes and didn’t know what to do with them. So a few minutes later, he’s back and saying “hey, would you buy limes?” After a short interrogation (Where are they grown? Governor’s Bay; Are they organic? They’re spray-free; How much do you want us to pay you? I don’t really know…) we agreed to acquire some of his limes. So that’s what was dressing my salad today. This is the satisfaction of eating local food grown by local people 🙂


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  1. Naomi says:

    Are you missing vinegar? Is that what I am reading between the lines? I ask, because in Rangiora there is a lovely cider vinegar place and they sell in bulk at Bin Inn. And it fits in your 100k locality.

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