The power of change

I’ve always been an experimenter. I like to try things out in action, rather than just dream or talk about them. And so, I feel now after a couple of weeks of locavorianism that I can report on the difference between knowing the information and living that knowledge.

I guess what I’m talking about here is realising that I am eating a balanced diet of fresh and tasty food, with lots of variety and I’m enjoying the creativity involved with planning what to eat and experimenting with recipes. I’m actually not having any moments of “oh, how frustrating, if only I could put xyz ingredients in this” or “I just wish I could eat nachos right now” (oh, I do love nachos).

I can not only imagine a life in which my cupboard is restricted to these local foods, I am seeing the benefits and joys of actually living that life.

One of the curiosities we have had about the Spring Festival of Change is whether people will make any permanent or long-term changes. I think there are many that I will stick with. Sometimes trying something out for a couple of weeks makes you realise that whatever it was you thought you needed was really more to do with convenience or  habit than choice.


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