Day One

OK, it’s day one for me. I got back from the North Island yesterday, and the cupboards and fridge are pretty bare. So here is a photo of what I’m starting with (plus some local goat’s cheese).

Are those local oats? No – instead of oats, I’ll be using barley, rye and wheat flakes from Milmore Downs (available at the Harbour Co-Op). The Southlea Olive Oil is from Lyttelton Farmers Market, the hazelnuts are from the Co-Op (grown in Gebbie’s Pass), Sue-Ellen made the apple cider vinegar and I bought the honey at the Little River Store recently. In the pottery jar are the scarlet runner beans which I dried from last year’s harvest. They are big and yummy.

20160929_100322This was my delicious morning snack: a homemade little spelt flour roll with butter, honey and Emilio’s fresh goats cheese (from the market).

Another great trick when you haven’t had time to make bread or crackers 20160929_124328(I’ll share my cracker recipe soon), is a thin slice of apple with cheese on it. Very yummy.

Here is my shopping list for today:


flour (can I get local flour at the co-op or do I have to order it direct?)


veges and fruit (including fruit to dehydrate to go in my muesli)

more hazelnuts and honey (and some of that delicious hazelnut butter from Hazelz – as a treat food, although some of the nuts may come from outside our 100km catchment area)

some hard cheese to make pesto? I’m not sure if there is any local option

Since I’ve been away, everything in the garden has taken off. I have leeks, pumpkin, kale, silver beet, rocket, herbs and edible flowers to add to my meals.

I’ll do more shopping at the market on Saturday morning and let the experiments begin …


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