Spring Festival Starts

Yesterday was the start of the Project Lyttelton Spring Festival of Change, with many people starting their challenges to reduce waste, reduce plastic use, do more for their physical or mental wellbeing, learn how to cook healthy food and so on.

It’s not to late to join in, if there’s something you would like to change in your life or an experiment you would like to try.

I am away on holiday, but Selena has started our local food challenge back home in Lyttelton and has been enjoying taking celery with her as a snack to munch on when out and about.

I’ve been thinking about delicious recipes to make when I return, so that my start of the challenge will involve some yummy treats. One plan is to make brioche (a rich kind of bread that is made with egg, so it has a consistency and flavour somewhere between bread and cake, but without any sugar).

I am also looking forward to foraging some of the delicious parsley that grows around the harbour and making pesto. I think a souffle made with pesto and extra cheese (an original recipe I had was for pesto and ricotta) will make a nice dinner, with salad of some sort.

All the best to others starting their challenges this week. I’m looking forward to hearing how it is all going when I get back.


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