5 reasons to be a locavore

  1. Reduce environmental carbon. The distance that our food travels to get to us costs us in carbon emissions and consequently an increase in dangerous warming to our climate.
  2. Health. If your food hasn’t been picked before it is ripe, stored in a fridge or freezer and shipped a long distance before you buy it, it is going to be far more nutritious.
  3. Connection. You can, if you want to, get the opportunity to talk to the actual people who have grown this food. You can find out about or visit the farm or market garden and be connected with the earth where your food is grown.
  4. Economic. By buying locally grown food, you are supporting local people who work incredibly hard to keep producing food in ethical ways. Going to your local farmers’ market to do your weekly shop means helping to guarantee that healthy, local food will continue to be available in years to come.
  5. Fulfilment. Eating food that you’ve grown yourself is extremely fulfilling. What could be more satisfying than eating a salad which was picked five minutes earlier, the greens and herbs still pulsing with life and warm from the sun?20160717_150254



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